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Freelance streaming HD
 3.8 stars
Genre: Action,Comedy,
Runtime:0 min
Release add: 2023-08-25
Production: Endurance Media, AGC Studios,

Mason Petit is a former Army Ranger turned family-man whose life is far less exciting than it once was. His perilous globe-trotting days in the military have been replaced by a grinding career as an unsuccessful lawyer and a marriage on the rocks. This all changes when a former military buddy approaches him with a job, working security for the award-winning and fearless journalist Claire Wellington. Wellington has scored a world-first interview with a notorious and eccentric South American dictator, Venegas. Petit jumps at the chance, and hops on a plane without second thought. Upon touchdown Petit’s suburban hell turns into a life-or-death nightmare. He is caught up in a violent, orchestrated coup, alone with Wellington, and the morally ambiguous Venegas, to escape the country alive.

Credit: Wikipedia (fair use)

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