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Myth of Father streaming HD
 3.8 stars
Runtime:52 min
Release add: 2001-07-19

Myth of Father is a video documentary about acceptance. My father, Jodie, is a transsexual woman. She came out to me a few years ago and I've since begun a journey to discover who my father really is. Upon learning of my father's gender dysphoria, I've had to rewind, review, then reposition the puzzle pieces of the past to try to figure out who my father is, not only for myself but for my family as well. In the film I contrast my relationship with my father with the relationship between my father and her own dad. I interview my father, as well as other family members who relate their remembrances of Jodie's youth: "He seemed to live the normal life. He was into cars, he was into rock bands, he went into the Army...married...child..." But no one really knew Jodie, as she explains, "No one knew who I was. I trashed relationships with everyone I knew, including my own son."

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