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Puccini streaming HD
 3.8 stars
Runtime:194 min
Release add: 2008-08-26

Vienna, 1924: Puccini, the world-famous composer of operas finds a confidante in the journalist Liza Berman, who will accompany him on a trip into his past: The unrequited love he feels for Elvira, a married woman, who secretly returns his feelings. As a 20-year-old he is living in Milan, in bitter poverty, and barely struggles along as a musician, but upon finishing his studies he makes quite an impression. Full of hope he applies to take part in a contest for opera composers, but he is turned down. Puccini had firmly counted on winning the prize money and now faces financial straits. Thanks to the librettist Fontana, his one-act opera "Le Villi" is performed all the same. The established music publisher Ricordi now commissions Puccini to write the opera "Edgar", which turns out a flop. When Elvira leaves her husband to live with Puccini, the lovers are beset by feelings of guilt. Puccini begins to doubt himself, but due to Ricordi's support, Puccini can write in peace. Soon he ...

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